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Special Messages Ramakrishna Ananda's videos | Monthly Themes for 2020
Higher Yoga Classes with Ramakrishna Ananda and Kali Devi
Sunday Morning Celebrations Selected Sunday Mornings
The Power of Pranayam with Kali Devi
Weekly Meditations with Bharata
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Hatha Yoga Videos with Kali Devi, Radha and Sevamayi
Gentle Chair Yoga with Radha
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December Gift Chants with Ramakrishna Ananda
Be uplifted by this new playlist of 27 chants
November Gift Triumph Over Obstacles
Enjoy this online seminar packed with practical guidance and guided meditations.
October Gift Reading of Gospel of Ramakrishna
offered by Yoga Center devotees
September Gift Your Spiritual World, Part 2
Enjoy it from the beginning Or, Jump right into Part 2
August Gift Learn How to Stimulate Ecstatic Love
Embryonic Breathing with Ramakrishna Ananda
July Gift A Special Online Retreat
Catching Up with Sri Ramakrishna
June Gift An Online Retreat (Don't listen while driving)
Your Spiritual World
May Gift Booklet by Ramakrishna Ananda
Discover the Miracle of Prayer
April Gift Inner Gifts and Inner Power
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Higher Yogas Class Handouts:
December 17 -- Creative Visualization
December 10 -- The Five Levels of Mind
December 3 -- The Transmitter and Receiver
November 19 -- The Removal of Hindrances
November 12 -- The Eight-Fold Path of Patanjali
November 5 -- The Lifeline of the Spine
October 29 -- Yearning and Your Nature
October 22 -- Samyama
October 15 -- Contemplation
October 8 -- Mind Drift
October 1 -- Living in the Now
September 24 -- The Seasons of Live
September 17 -- The Great Ideas of Yoga
Dwelling in Your Nature
The Five Kinds of Ideas
Meditation: Ami Yantra Mantram
Overcoming the Five Afflictions
Meditation: Ami Yantra Mantram
Mental Equivalents
The Five Sheaths
Mindful Breathing
Energy and Willpower
Aura and the Vital Life Force
How to Meditate with More Success and Joy
Shortcut to Enlightenment
The Five Stages of the Heart
The Levels of Love
The Three Forces and Jaya
Is There Justice?
The Chinmoy Mantram
What is Your Nature?
What is Reality?
The Power of Pranayam Handouts:
January 19 -- For Radiating Goodness
January 12 -- For Letting Go of Old Habits
January 5 -- For Shifting Into New Moods and States of Consciousness
December 29 -- For Releasing Old Habits and Opening to New Ones
December 22 -- For Expressing and Radiating Joy -- Part 2 (not recorded)
December 15 -- For Expressing and Radiating Joy -- Part 1
December 8 -- For Increasing Joy
December 1 -- For Vitality and Stimulating Kundalini -- Part 4
November 24 -- For Vitality and Stimulating Kundalini -- Part 3
November 17 -- For Vitality and Stimulating Kundalini -- Part 2
November 10 -- For Vitality and Stimulating Kundalini -- Part 1
November 3 -- For Letting Go of Anxiety and Keeping Our Lungs Healthy
October 27 -- For Reducing Stress and Being Grounded
October 20 -- For Releasing Undesirable Emotions, Expressing Peace and Compassion
October 13 -- For Self-Healing and Gaining Inner Peace
October 6 -- For Calming Nerves, Serenity and Deeper Meditations
September 29 -- For Cooling, Calmness and Increasing Energy
September 22 -- Increase Brain Power and Improve Memory
September 15 -- Healing, Health and Inner Strength
September 8 -- Wellness, Strength and Inner Power
September 1 -- For a Steady, Focused Mind
August 25 -- The Five Kinds of Life Force
August 11 -- Pranayam Routines
August 4 -- Pranayam Routines
July 21 -- Pranayam Routine Variations
July 14 -- Pranayam Routines
July 7 -- Pranayam Routines
Meditation Handouts:
Jaunary 20 -- The Lifted Gaze
Jaunary 13 -- Flows of Awareness
Jaunary 6 -- How Can I Be Happier?
December 30 -- Sahaj - Wading in the Water
December 23 -- The Now
December 16 -- Self Awareness
December 9 -- Mantram with One or Om
Novemer 25 -- Garden Visualization
Novemer 18 -- Meditation on the Third Eye
Novemer 11 -- Meditation on a Holy Person
Novemer 4 -- Meditation on Form with a Leaf
October 28 -- Formless Meditation on the Sky
October 21 -- Vipassana
October 14 -- The Bay of Your Mind
October 7 -- Consolidation with Falling Rain
September 30 -- Sahaj on the Presence
September 23 -- Finding Your True Feeling
September 16 -- Peace of Mind
Mantram: Ami Yantra
The Life Force, the Chi
The Five Sheaths and Your Nature
Deep Prayer
Form: Candle
Formless: The Lake of Consciousness
The Horizon
The Fountain
Reflection on Peak Experiences
Sahaj with the Upper Lip
The Offering Breath
Discover Your Nature with Om
Mantram -- Asato Ma Sat Gamayo
Sun Heart Visualization
Expanded Oneness with Zen Pearls
Crown Chakra
Tantra - Spiritual Relationship
Meditation on Form with a Flower
Formless Meditation on an Eagle or a Fish
The Mindful Now
The Way of a Pilgrim
Consolidation with Falling Snow
Hands Up
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