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Make a Good Beginning

Make A Good Beginning - Be Patient

Be patient. Patience enables your mind and feelings to work together, to stop creating more tension. Then, harmony has a chance.

Make a good beginning! Put your mat down and have a great time every day. You may as well start receiving the fine benefits of yoga now. If your schedule is hectic, you need yoga all the more. Don't give up; persist until your life has the radiance of regular yoga enjoyment.

While it takes some busy people over a month to reorganize their days to allow 30 minutes of yoga, most everyone raves about the "worthwhileness" of greater yoga vitality, peace, and harmony. Just put your mat down and start!

Early signs of progress are: peace, stress reduction, more vitality, increased mental clarity, less tension, greater inner and outer harmony.

If you are particularly tense and turbulent, you need yoga very much, but it will probably take months to reverse the years of what you've been doing. Nevertheless, yoga is a magnificent shortcut to your potential and greater well being.

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