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Who are the Instructors?

Our teachers are passionate about their yoga practice. They teach because they have received so much from yoga that they want others to experience the same growth, peace, and joy. All Yoga Center teachers have studied with yoga master Ramakrishna Ananda for years and they trained for five years to teach at our center.

Here are the teachers you’ll meet in our classes

Ananta (Andy Thompson) teaches our chakra asana class as well as meditation. A Yoga Center teacher for 15+ years, he brings a joyful spirit to his classes. When he’s not teaching yoga, he’s repairing helicopters or playing music.

Bijoy (Gerry Smith), a Yoga Center teacher for 25+ years, says that yoga gave him the tools to deal with life’s ups and downs and enjoy a better quality of life. That’s why he teaches. He wants others to have a more fulfilling life. Bijoy is also an avid surfer.

Gayatri (Margaret VandeWalle) joined the Yoga Center in 1987, and she has been teaching postures, breathing practices and meditation for nine years. Gayatri says that when she first came to the Yoga Center she felt a sense of completely belonging as if coming home. She feels blessed to be a Yoga Center teacher.

Kali Devi (Chris Jensen) is one of the Yoga Center managers as well as a teacher. She has been teaching asanas, meditation and higher yogas for 25+ years. One of her greatest joys is seeing new students make yoga their own, experiencing greater peace, health and vitality as well as entering new realms of consciousness. She also runs marketing for a non-profit global technology organization.

Kshanti (Vladana Zoran-Stubb) started meditation 18 years ago and has been teaching at Yoga Center for four years. Bringing the gift of yoga to others is most important to her. She is also a music therapist bringing the gift of music to the elderly, infirm and young piano students.

Kshemi (Beverly Fields) has studied yoga for 25+ years and she has been teaching for 20 years. Originally from Indiana, she loves sharing the benefits of yoga with new students, watching them relax and move forward.

Leena (Brenda Jackson) has been teaching for the last two years. She loves teaching Hatha Yoga and brings patience as well as expertise to her classes. She is a runner, enjoys outdoor sports and is also a software programmer.

Radha (Angelika Scott) has been studying yoga since 1993. She has been a yoga teacher for almost 15 years. She loves teaching Hatha and Ashtanga yoga classes and conducting meditation workshops. Radha coaches outdoor fitness, loves nature and travel.

Ramakrishnadas (Larry Sweet) attended his first yoga class in October 1970 (the year the Yoga Center was started.) He became an instructor in the mid-eighties. He is a Yoga Center manager who teaches classes in Qi Gong and Vipassana meditation as well as Hatha Yoga and higher yogas.

Sevamayi (Diane Hochner) began her yoga studies with Swami Vishnudevananda. Passionate about her yoga experience, after moving to California, she continued studying with Ramakrishna Ananda. She is a Yoga Center manager and has been teaching for 25+ years. She teaches asanas, meditation, higher yogas and prenatal yoga.

Vimukti (Georganne Xagorarakis) has been teaching at Yoga Center for 25+ years. She enjoys sharing yoga with students and loves to see their progression over the years. She is also a cofounder of Mother's Market and Kitchen and enjoys leading a healthy lifestyle.

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