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Spiritual and Life Coaching Course for Your Kids!

Do you want to give your children the life tools and confidence so they know how to raise their level of awareness and easily manifest their highest and happiest self?

Yoga Center is now making Jessi Moon's kids yoga program available at our center. Jessi's 3-month program shows kids how to connect with their Inner Self so they can reach that potential and live on purpose from a very young age. Here's how Jessi describes her program:

I call it Spiritual and Life Coaching, and it is my life's passion to work with kids. I am currently making this program available through the Yoga Center of California at a substantially reduced rate. Classes meet once a week according to age level and will continue for 3 months consecutively:

Toddler and me 1-4 yrs old Monday 11am-12pm *April 1
Baby and me 0-11 months Monday 11am-12pm *April 1
Teens 13+ start Monday April 3-June 12 4-5pm
Ages 7-13 start Wednesday
April 5-June 14 3:45-4:45pm

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Here is what your child will learn through our yoga, awareness and meditation practices:

  • How to develop and nurture their confidence and self esteem
  • Why it is important to take responsibility for their thoughts, words and actions
  • How to communicate their thoughts and feelings clearly and effortlessly
  • A unique and deep understanding of their mind and emotions
  • How they can find balance, peace and direction in life
  • Easy ways to find happiness from within as well as learn to live in the present moment
  • Some basic but critical aspects of Yoga and its profound life benefits
  • An introduction to meditation they can carry with them for the rest of their lives
  • Discourse on how to deal with difficult situations to create a win/win scenario
  • Discovering who they truly are and why that is important to their success in life
  • How to send and receive healing energy
  • How to envision and manifest dreams and make the world a better place With these life skills and a greater understanding and awareness of their Inner Self, your child can have lives full of happiness, peace and lead by a higher purpose.

BONUS: For all parents who sign up for this program through the Yoga Center of California link, I am offering, an NO additional charge:

  • One private counseling session for both, or one, parent(s) that helps you better guide your child through this process including how to answer their most probing questions
  • Two free phone sessions to check in on child’s progress during the course of the three months
  • One Conscious Parenting class for all the parents together to be scheduled by the group

The feedback for this program has been amazing, and I’m so excited to offer this course to you at a discounted rate. I normally charge $500 for the 3-month program, but if you use the link at the bottom of this page at the PayPal login, your cost is $350 and that is all you pay!

And, of course, you can always call me at 714 928-2520.

If you are ready to sign up, just click the PayPal button below.

I am sending you much Love and Blessings! It is my life passion that your children thrive in higher consciousness while manifesting their highest and happiest self!

Jessi Moon


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