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Class Testimonials
What Students Say About Our Classes!

Yoga Center students rate the benefits that they have personally received from classes as:

Stress Reduction
Peace of Mind
Better Relationships
More Focus
More Centered
Meditate Better
Spiritually Centered

Brent Mayne, former Catcher for the Kansas City Royals:
“Yoga Center Life Mastery and meditation techniques improved my batting average and my salary. Class at Yoga Center gave me an advantage in many areas. The authentic yoga exercises helped me reduce the effects of stress on my body, and the meditation and Life Mastery techniques made it easy for me to be more focused, attuned and energetic. It’s the only place I know where you can heal your body and your mind in a fun environment.”

Sharon Macgurn, Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder of Mother’s Market and Kitchen, credits Yoga Center classes with giving her the energy and focus she needs for her demanding job:

“What I learned at Yoga Center has been a life saver for me. I interact with customers and employees a lot and deal with stressful situations every day. I’ve gained a lot of flexibility, health and strength from Yoga Center’s authentic style of teaching the exercises, but the benefits from Yoga Center classes go beyond the exercises.

“When under pressure, instead of getting uptight, I do a Life Mastery technique – a simple breathing practice or visualization—and I stay relaxed. Yoga Center’s the only place I know where you can learn these life transforming techniques as well as authentic yoga exercises.”

The Yoga Center is one of my favorite places to practice. The reason I love it so much is the spiritual and community factor. If I just wanted an asana practice, I could go to Yogaworks; but I love the teachings and the fact that you all seem to really care about cultivating the ideals of yoga into society.

When you enter the Yoga Center you immediately sense the calmness and peacefulness of the environment and its members.

My day is better after a session at the Yoga Center.

My intuitiveness increased.  My talents blossomed.  The spiritual path can be marked by ups an downs.  The Yoga Center has helped me with my spiritual progress.  I love the practices and meditations provided by Ramakrishnaanandaji.

Without Yoga Center, I would have died long ago.  Was as if dead, on heavy medication after a bicycle accident.  Meditation brought to me what I needed to live again.

What You Like Most About Classes

It is a regular way to keep on top of doing postures.  The benefits of doing postures together, the value of the information in the talks is important to my life.

The commitment of the staff and the openness and sincerity in encouraging a person's potential with a positive attitude.  Also, the variety of postures and the class topics.

The postures and the relaxed, low-key atmosphere.

The teachers are excellent. the students are decimated and the ambience of the Yoga Center keeps me coming back for more.

I love that each class is a complete package of postures, chanting and meditation as well as the explanation of yoga principles.

I like the teachers.  I think many of them are loving and make me feel welcomed.  Many of the newer students seem to model the same kind of actions.

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