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Each week you will learn new postures which you may add to your routine, replacing old ones with more specific or fascinating ones. The postures are based on profound genius. They stimulate the vital organs and send energy to every part of the body. Dr. Evans, a chiropractor in Buena Park, says, "The science of yoga is the greatest health system ever devised by the mind of man."

You will receive class notes after each class to help you remember and apply each of the higher yoga techniques. These notes are condensed to one sheet of paper so you can easily review the most important points, the special technique, and the weekly application two or three times during the week. But do feel free to write your own notes, too.

In the higher yogas portion of the class, you will learn the fascinating insights and theories of the great yogis; and you will also learn a profound technique for greater skill in living and in working with your potential.

Once each month, you learn a priceless meditation technique. "Meditation" means "to center in your true self, the 'Atman'." At first you become aware of your mind and how restless it is. With development you become conscious of the nature of your mind, why it is restless and how to find peace.

With steady practice you learn how to bridge from normal awareness to superconscious levels and higher consciousness. With continued growth, your mind and emotions become harmonious, wonderful allies. A one-pointed mind gives you greater insight into whatever you ponder. And, positive emotional moods, called bhavas, give you heavenly states of well being.

Meditation becomes a pleasure, a source of creativity, wonder, comfort, security and inner power. Meditation reveals your essence, your spiritual nature, the center of your life and existence. Each month you receive a new method for contacting and residing within your Higher Self.

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