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Ramakrishna Ananda
Yoga Center Founder

In yoga circles today, the term “Yoga Master” means many things.  Maybe a Hatha Yoga Master or someone who has been teaching for a long time.  Here at Yoga Center when we say our founder is a Yoga Master, we mean much, much more than that.  We mean someone who is recognized by spiritual leaders as having experienced Higher Consciousness and living in that state. Take a look at his credentials:

  • Recognized Yoga Master in 1971 by Baba Hari Das
  • Named a Guru in 1974 by Sri Surath of Calcutta
  • Received honors and initiation into the status of avadhut (one who lives in Spirit) in 1976 from Sri Paramanada Nath and Sri Surath
  • Taught Yoga, Mysticism and Metaphysics since 1970 and has personally taught more than fifteen thousand people
  • Written Keys to Higher Consciousness, an inspiring book about spiritual awakening.
What’s a Guru?  Another word that has taken on many different connotations. Literally translated Guru means dispeller of darkness.  A Guru is someone who leads an aspirant on the spiritual path from the darkness of maya (delusion) and confusion to an enlightened state of Higher Consciousness, higher values, peace and love.

Typically a Guru is someone who personally initiates qualified students, giving them meditation/spiritual practices that are specific to their nature and helping them move forward more quickly in their yoga experience.  This is a personal relationship between the Guru and the aspirant.

It’s rare for a true Yoga Master and Guru to teach anyone other than advanced students.  But Ramakrishna Ananda enjoys teaching beginners as well.  Yoga Center students are fortunate because they have the opportunity to study with him when he visits the Center (every few months) and at our retreats.  He is the main teacher at all of our retreats.

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“Where are you searching for your fulfillment? Where have you traveled in your hopes?… Infinite possibilities for fulfillment already exist within your higher consciousness.”
- Ramakrishna Ananda
Keys to Higher Consciousness
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